In 2014 Little League International changed the residency rules to include players who attend a school that is within the boundaries of MYSTIC LITTLE LEAGUE. Therefore, players will be eligible to play for Mystic Little League if they reside within or the physical location of the school where they attend classes is within the boundary of MYSTIC LITTLE LEAGUE. These schools include:

  • Mystic River Magnet School
  • Northeast Academy
  • Stonington Middle School
  • Groton Middle School (students should consult the MLL and GLL boundary maps for clarification)
MYSTIC LITTLE LEAGUE Baseball is comprised offers four levels of play: T-Ball, Lower Minors, Upper Minors and Majors. MYSTIC LITTLE LEAGUE Softball is offers two levels of play: Minors and Majors. MYSTIC LITTLE LEAGUE is managed by an elected Board of Directors that administer the league in line with established bylaws. The league is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization.
Please check the MYSTIC LITTLE LEAGUE calendar on the MLL web page for exact league dates and events. Typically, the season begins during the first or second week in April and extends until mid-June.
The MYSTIC LITTLE LEAGUE regular game season usually lasts from 9-10 weeks from April through June. The season is extended for players that are selected to the District All-Star tournament teams. Please consider your vacation plans if you have a child that may be selected to these teams. For Minors, games begin around the end of April.
MYSTIC LITTLE LEAGUE utilizes the baseball fields at Rossie Field, Williams Beach, S.B. Butler School, Cutler Middle School, and Old Mystic Baptist Church. See the Locations link for more information.
MYSTIC LITTLE LEAGUE targets the beginning of March for Majors teams to start practicing. For Majors, practices typically being the week after draft night. Actual first practices will depend upon weather and formation of teams. For Minors, practices typically begin around the beginning of April.
Practice frequency and duration are up to the team manager and vary based on the division.
Players should arrive at their first practice with a glove, hat, baseball pants, and rubber molded cleats. A baseball bag is recommended to transport bats, batting gloves, water bottles, hats, and other items.
A uniform consists of a pair of baseball pants, belt, a baseball jersey, a hat, and a pair of all-in-one baseball socks. MYSTIC LITTLE LEAGUE will provide each player a team jersey and a team hat. Due to individual fittings, players need to provide the baseball pants, belt, and socks. Rubber cleats are highly recommended, and steel spikes are not allowed. A quality leather glove is a must. It is recommended to stay away from vinyl and simulated leather gloves that may be cheaper, but tend to cause the player a great deal of frustration. It is impossible to form a pocket in gloves made of vinyl or simulated leather. Therefore, the ball tends to pop out when the player attempts to catch it.
All Majors teams should be formed by late February or the beginning of March. Your child’s manager will notify you of the team’s first practice. Minors teams should be formed by the end of March.
MYSTIC LITTLE LEAGUE allows friends to request to be placed on the same team together only in the T-ball division. In the Minors divisions, a request may be made, but there is no guarantee that it will be approved. Players are distributed based on ratings in a balanced process to form teams. In the Majors division, there are absolutely no requests due to the player selection process of the draft.
Only in extreme cases does the league allow children to switch teams after the teams have been formed. Such requests must be made in writing to MYSTIC LITTLE LEAGUE’s divisional player represenatives for consideration by the League President. Approval requires extenuating circumstances, so any request is highly unlikely to be approved, and in most cases we will ask the player remains with their team.
Please see the DIVISIONS link for complete descriptions of the different divisions of MLL and rules on playing up or down.
Every team has a manager approved by the Board of Directors. Each team’s manager can have as many assistants as they can find for practices, but only two assistant coaches are allowed in the dugout during games. Any manager or coach that comes into contact with players MUST submit a National Little League application to the league.
Absolutely. MYSTIC LITTLE LEAGUE does not tolerate foul language or taunting at any level by the players, parents, managers, or coaches. Any spectator, player, manager or coach that is warned is subject to being ejected from the premises and banned from the complex for additional games.
If at any time you have a problem or just want information, you can e-mail the league at any time. However, please first discuss any concerns with your child’s manager, then with the league’s player agent (who is a Board Member). Contact information is on the MYSTIC LITTLE LEAGUE web site under the “MLL Board” link. You are also welcome to attend a monthly league meeting and express your concerns directly to the Board. See the Calendar for meeting times and locations.

The league’s web site is at The site offers all the information you need to stay informed about events, schedules, rules, board member contacts, sponsorship information, etc. If you have a question that is still unanswered, please contact the league at [email protected]